The life and times of RJ Berger.
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This is the greatest photoset I have ever seen. 

The song just went through my head gif by gif

(Source: brokenthimble, via ruinedchildhood)

I wonder if I submit videos of my friends and I performing dangerous activities if MTV will open or view them.

Hahah my babe is the cutest @juliahillyo #pony #ridemypony #ginuwine #lol #lolol #horses #adorable #youcanyoucanridemypony #kickballkingandqueen09

Hey, can everyone please visit this link and give me a good rating/review. and if you or anyone you know needs a videographer or photographer for any event; wedding, music video, documentary, etc. let me know! My prices will be very good and worth it, I promise! lol Thanks y’alllllllllll :)

Watch "Funny Animal Video - pSyCHo deer stalking me - th…" on YouTube →

How could you hunt these animals? They’re like dogs if treated correctly. :P .. Funny Animal Video - pSyCHo deer stalking me - th…:

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